It is often believed that the fondest memories connecting us to time and place are stimulated by the tastes and smells of our childhood.
The smell of fresh bread in the oven, sweet and arm homemade jam, or the heavenly scent of fresh roses from our Lebanese grandmother’s rose water, all still bring a smile to our faces.

Preserving our cultural & culinary identity

Our ancestors have passed down all their special methods and recipes, which today given birth to the Lebanese cuisine of everyday life.
Today, we are happy to share these traditional secrets with you!
But what do all these Lebanese traditional foods have in common besides their timeless recipes? They’re made with one common ingredient: Love

We work to craft jars and bottles of natural goodness that tastes of the bounty and love of our land, Lebanon.

The Story

Our story has no beginning and no end but forms a circle of love that connects the terrain of our homeland with the people that live on it and those who have left but forever yearn for it.
Over centuries, our ancestors in Lebanon, steadfastly planted their lands in harmony with the cycles of the moon.
At harvest, family recipes passed down through generations transformed these corps into the ‘moune’ that we all know and love today.
Our name unites the word ‘moon’ and ‘moune’, symbolizing our passion for these ancient traditions of Lebanese cuisine. Every Moona product is filled with natural goodness that tastes of the bounty and love of our land. We source from every corner of the country, empowering local women to share their traditional know-how while bringing you the finest flavors from every region. Our aim is to reconnect you with the authentic taste of ‘home’, delivering every ounce of love from our online shop to your doorstep, no matter where you are in the world.
The word Moona is formed by combining the words ‘Mouneh’ and ‘Moon’.
But why the moon?
We believe that this creative play on words is linked to how the moon phases can strengthen harvest. In other words, gardening by the moon or according to the phases/ cycles of the moon, is an art that has been around for as long as humans have been growing their own food. It’s an ancient growing method that says the water in both the ground and in plants are affected by the gravitational pull of the sun and moon, just like ocean tides are.
Therefore, this creates a cycle that produces a better “Moona”!

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